FiliFest Community

FiliFest Community is a wider community for young people who are bound by their love for the Philippines to engage and form connections with each other, as well as businesses to suit their needs.

Filipino Societies
& Students

Our yearly festival was established to connect university societies across the UK. This wider network aims to strengthen relationships between Filipino societies and promote further collaboration, to expand their community outside their society.

Influencers & Talents

FiliFest aims to promote Filipino talents and to provide a platform for youths no matter the size of their reach. We see this as the first step to FiliFest’s global expansion.


Young people

FiliFest Community is for young people (students and non-students alike), who are bound by their love for the Philippines. It's a place for us to share our culture and inspire others. We take on a more youth-centric approach, creating a new wave of the Filipino movement.

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