About US

A youth-centric movement to promote Filipino culture, bridging youths and businesses with a shared love for the Philippines. We highlight the best of the Philippines at our annual festival and through our digital platforms.

Our Mission

From inception, FiliFest’s mission has always been to bring together youths from across the UK, bound together by their love for the Philippines and to promote Filipino culture.

We’ve done this through projects such as our yearly student-organised culture festival, as well as other digital projects which utilises our platforms.

We believe collaboration is key to achieving this and we want to extend our support and encourage more collective efforts in order to achieve our mission.


Our Goals

  • Increase awareness of the Philippines.

  • Target mainly early Gen Z and late Millennials.

  • Promote local and international Filipino businesses.

  • Encourage collaboration amongst youths with a shared love for the Philippines.

  • Upskill youths with skills applicable to any work scenario.

  • Create networks to build a strong community.


Our Values

  • Community

    Core to FiliFest's values is our family-like community which we define as an open, inclusive environment strengthened by mutual respect for each other. A family leaves no one behind and we support each other even outside of FiliFest.

  • Integrity

    At FiliFest, everyone is encouraged to say their ideas which contribute to helping us have that shared vision.

  • Accountability

    The key to our work ethic is that all members take ownership of FiliFest. We take pride in the work we do and the work of our fellow officers.

  • Respect

    Everyone deserves a basic level of respect and having everyone acknowledge this helps us function as a team. We believe this is something you should always give to others.

  • Leadership

    We push for all members to embody leadership qualities as we see this as key to FiliFest's sustainability.

  • Constant Improvement

    Growth is important for us, and for this it is essential to keep an open mind in order to constantly learn and improve.

  • Adaptability

    What makes FiliFest great is how we consistently adapt to improve ourselves and move forward together.

  • Passion for the Philippines

    This is what binds us together. We made FiliFest happen because of our shared love for the Philippines.

“FiliFest is the start of the new wave of a youth-driven Filipino movement”

Our Committee


Works alongside Board of Chiefs, focusing on the present and future of FiliFest


Any Questions?

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