18th July 2020 | Community

Introducing your Filsoc: University of East Anglia

By UEA Filipino Society

Hi everyone! We are UEA Filipino Society, giving our fellow kapamilya (family) a home away from home! We love to share our loving and accepting culture and food to all people and show how much more fun it is in the Philippines! We organise events for everyone to enjoy, not just for our members but for friends of friends and family! It has been an honour to witness the society grow and see how comfortable everyone is during our events, from the Boodle Fight to Pinoy Games Night. By introducing Tagalog lessons and sharing the traditions and art of the Philippines, we aim to explore even deeper into our Filipino history and roots. 

We will not let COVID stop us from reaching out to you guys as we are planning to be more active online! From our Tik Tok account, Instagram and Facebook, you’ll be hearing from us! Eventually, we would love to collaborate with other Universities, whether it is online or in person! We can have an Online Games Tournament playing League of Legends, an in person Sports Tournament or even a trip to Jollibee! 

We have also just come up with the idea of having a Filsoc TikTok account to keep people interested and have fun along with us! (Follow us! @ueafilsoc)

With all the positive energy from the society and committee, we hope to continue our journey and fun with the FiliFam!

If you want any other information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on any of our socials!!!




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