About US

A youth-centric movement to promote Filipino culture, bridging youths and businesses with a shared love for the Philippines. We highlight the best of the Philippines at our annual festival and through our digital platforms.

Bringing the youth together

From inception, FiliFest’s mission has always been to bring together youths from across the UK, bound together by their love for the Philippines and to promote Filipino culture.

We’ve done this through events such as our yearly student-organised culture festival, as well as other digital projects which utilises our platforms.

We believe collaboration is key to achieving this and we want to extend our support and encourage more collective efforts in order to achieve our mission.



  • Increase awareness of the Philippines.

  • Target mainly early Gen Z and late Millennials.

  • Promote local and international Filipino businesses.

  • Encourage collaboration amongst youths with a shared love for the Philippines.

  • Upskill youths with skills applicable to any work scenario.

  • Create networks to build a strong community.


Our Values

  • Go

    • Determination - We built FiliFest on focus, hard work and a lot of effort.
    • Resilience - We acknowledge growth is not linear, and we pride ourselves for our resilience. One of the beauties of FiliFest is that we can learn, make mistakes and see how these are all part of our growth journey.
    • Courage - We take the initiative to take that first step or create that first step, and we strive to push our limits further. We also encourage all members to embody leadership qualities as we see this as key to FiliFest's sustainability.

  • Grow

    • Accountability - The key to our work ethic is that all members take ownership of FiliFest. We take pride in the work we do and the work of our fellow members.
    • Adaptability - What makes FiliFest great is how we constantly adapt to improve ourselves and move forward together.
    • Growth - It is essential to keep an open mind in order to constantly learn and improve. We value growth of all kinds – whether personal or professional, or within or outside of FiliFest.

  • Glow

    • Respect - Be respectful of everyone within and outside of Committee. Looking after each other is also being respectful, and this includes understanding boundaries.
    • Passion for the Philippines - This is what binds us together. We made FiliFest happen because of our shared love for the Philippines.

“FiliFest continues to redefine the new wave of a youth-driven Filipino movement”

Rica Go, Chairperson of FiliFest

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve had to cancel the usual FiliFest festival for 2020 and 2021. Instead, we bring you a Digital FiliFest for 2020 and the FiliFest Challenge for 2021.

Digital FiliFest 2020 is an online event held on Instagram on two consecutive Saturdays (June 20th and June 27th). We prepared a full day of activities from makeup tutorials and a cooking segment, to panel talks, live performances and more! FiliFest Challenge 2021 bridges our physical event with our digital space. We invited select FiliFest Community members to a gamified tour around London. We hope to open this up to more members of our Community in the future!

You can catch up on Digital FiliFest 2020 here and watch our summary video for FiliFest Challenge 2021 here. Check out our Instagram too for more highlights!

Send us an email and we can discuss the next steps with you. We'll get a FiliFest representative to participate in your interview!

We are grateful of everyone’s support in making FiliFest happen. Send us an email or message us on Instagram to let us know how you would like to help out in FiliFest!

We have a lot more we want to do as FiliFest and even more we are currently planning. Stay tuned on our social media accounts and check our website regularly to never miss out on the latest FiliFest news!

We are happy to answer any other queries you may have. You can send us an email at [email protected] or you can send us a DM via Instagram.

FiliFest Committee

FiliFest Committee members are essentially the people who make FiliFest happen. From everything you see on our Instagram and YouTube, to everything you don’t see behind the scenes, it’s all thanks to our FiliFest Committee members! If you want to be a part of this growing organisation and to be one of the leaders of this youth-driven movement, then perhaps FiliFest Committee may be of interest to you.

Have a look at our About page to give you a better idea of each person in our current Committee. The teams you could be a part of are: • Business Strategy (executing strategies to aid with the development of FiliFest as a business) • Culture (Educating and representing the underrepresented cultures in the Philippines. In-house research team, content creators and FiliFest representatives at culture conferences and culture events) • Logistics (Planning digital events throughout the year, as well as the main physical event.) • Media & Marketing (In-house content creators & producers/graphics team/video editors; upholding the FiliFest brand on our social media platforms to drive engagement and brand loyalty on all social media accounts) • Tech (Managing the website and other tech functions, innovatively finding ways to expand FiliFest’s digital reach outside of social media)

We’re always looking to grow and expand the team. To apply to join the FiliFest Committee, email the following to [email protected] with the subject FiliFest Committee Application:

  1. Send us your CV

  2. In less than 500 words explain to us:

  • Why you want to be a part of the FiliFest Committee
  • Which team are you interested in and what relevant experiences/skills do you have for this team/role (Culture, Logistics, Media & Marketing, Business Strategy and Tech)
  • In a halo halo, what ingredient would you be?

We’ll let you know of further details after! We look forward to having you be a part of the team!

FiliFest Community

FiliFest Community is a wider community for young people who share the same love and interest for the Philippines. It is a space to engage and form connections with each other, as well as businesses to suit their needs. We strive to foster a sense of family and support, fast tracking collaborative efforts between societies, businesses and youth, giving a voice to showcase the many talents of our community. Joining this community gives you access to this network and to the FiliFest platform - expanding your reach. It is a space for youths and businesses to connect (through FiliFest’s platforms), collaborate (between Community members, with FiliFest, and the businesses in partnership with FiliFest) and inspire.

From inception, FiliFest’s mission has always been to bring together the youth bound together by their love for the Philippines. FiliFest continues to redefine this new wave of the Filipino movement in the UK, taking on a youth-centric approach. We aim for more representation for the Filipino youth and creatives, and to allow the diaspora to reconnect with their roots.

By attending or taking part in our events or engaging with or featuring in any of our content, you are already a part of FiliFest Community! FiliFest Community is simply our way of welcoming everyone to all of our efforts at FiliFest – it’s our way of sharing our space with you!

FiliFest encourages Community to make the most of this wider network. Connecting with fellow members, interacting with all aspects of the FiliFest Community and communicating with FiliFest in how you can utilise our platform and network, are only some ways of how you can reap the benefits. You are not bound by any contract or obligation, and you have full creative freedom. You have absolute control on how you choose to engage with the FiliFest Community - FiliFest is here to support you in this and to provide you with more opportunities.

For example, Filipino creatives such as photographers and filmmakers can collaborate with influencers in the Community or artists releasing covers together. We want to see what people in the Community are doing and how they are furthering the Filipino culture.

Previously, we collaborated with university Filipino societies, influencers and brands by opening up FiliFest TV and our Instagram platform to them. These are only some ways you can make the most of FiliFest Community.


One of our goals at FiliFest is to bridge the gap between our audience and Filipino businesses.

We realise that Filipino businesses in the UK are a niche so we established the Community Partnership Programme (CPP) to help facilitate collaborations between Filipino businesses and FiliFest. By joining us as a Community Partner, FiliFest will help raise awareness for your brand and showcase Filipino entrepreneurial spirit.

The programme is not exclusive to the UK and we invite all businesses who share a passion for the Philippines to send an enquiry to [email protected].

The distinction hinges on whether your business participates in our annual cultural festival.

FiliFest’s Community Partnership Programme (CPP) was created for all businesses that want to collaborate with FiliFest throughout the year. When you join the programme, you become a ‘Community Partner’ of FiliFest.

Whereas businesses who have specifically agreed to help fund and participate in the annual festival are known as ‘FiliFest Sponsors’.

For more details, please enquire at [email protected]

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 period, we cannot guarantee FiliFest Sponsors for the festival right now, but if you are interested in working with us, send us an email or a message either via our contact page or Instagram so we can discuss further how you can get involved! FiliFest Community Partners will however get first notice of if we are looking for FiliFest Sponsors.