Rica Go

Chairperson, Founder
  • London, UK
  • University College London

My Experience
FiliFest 2022

FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Chairperson, Quality Assurance Manager

  • Leads Business Strategy Team, experimenting with a different leadership model and system to see options of how to manage FiliFest Committee
  • Focus on growing and developing all FiliFest Committee Members, particularly Business Strategy Team and CEO
  • Aiming to create a business function out of FiliFest
  • Produced Instagram Stories to promote FiliFest activities/events, focusing on driving engagement and to improve metrics
  • Supported organisation of OPM Competition 2021 (particularly Kumu livestream and finalists' music videos)
  • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Freshers Advice from University Students, Reasons to join FiliFest Committee
  • Directed/Produced the following videos: MARIA - SALAMAT (Cover) | FiliFest x TFC OPM Competition 2021
  • Videos Edited: MARIA - SALAMAT (Cover) | FiliFest x TFC OPM Competition 2021
  • Thumbnails created: Freshers Advice from UK University Students
  • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Committee Social Vlog
  • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: What happens during FiliFest Socials

Favourite FiliFest Memory

Creating FiliFest 2019 together with the amazing people I met through Filipino Society

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