Nicole Baro

Chief Executive Officer

    Heads Board of Chiefs, communicating regularly to stay up-to-date with internal functions of FiliFest. Focus on the present state and needs of FiliFest, particularly on growing engagement and improving metrics.

    Outside of FiliFest, I am an Economics student at the University of Bath with a focus on international development, trade and relations. I am working towards learning a new language, reigniting my love for dance, improving on calligraphy and editing, and trying out all the bubble tea places in London!

    FiliFest 2020 (2nd October 2019-1st July 2020) - Executive Assistant

    • Developed an understanding of all the teams which make up FiliFest by supporting all functions, and gained an insight into how to run FiliFest
    • Supported outputs of FiliFest by notifying the team of updates on communication from Filipino Societies
    • Lead organiser of Digital FiliFest 2020, leading all the teams and organising the event schedule and activities
    • Collaborated with other Filipino influencers, make-up artists and youths for a more community-focused Digital FiliFest 2020 celebration
    • Delegated tasks amongst different FiliFest Committee teams such as Logistics, Media and Marketing
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Meet the FiliFest 2020 Committee!, What does the Philippines mean to you?, GAMES NIGHT with the FiliFest Committee and BAM & Beyond

    FiliFest 2021 (6th July 2020-24th July 2021) - Chief Executive Officer

    • Heads Board of Chiefs, maintaining communication with all Chiefs who lead all the teams which make up FiliFest Committee
    • Supported management of FiliFest Committee, focusing on output
    • Communicated with all teams in FiliFest Committee to stay up-to-date with the internal functions of FiliFest, the different projects and well-being of Committee members
    • Assisted in the creation of FiliFest Community, aiding with the first set of pitches to Community members
    • Led, supported and eventually managed Marketing Team, organising Instagram posts and stories
    • Managed FiliFest Instagram and organised monthly digital content by liaising with all teams but predominantly Marketing, Media and Culture Teams
    • Focused on growing and improving all FiliFest social media platforms
    • Lead organiser of Instagram Story Takeovers and participated in several takeovers
    • Produced Instagram Stories to promote FiliFest activities/events and to ensure online presence is maintained
    • Aided negotiation talks with Community Partners
    • Conceptualised Alamat ASMR Series
    • Supported in FiliFest (FilSoc) Awards event
    • Co-organised and co-hosted FiliFest Challenge: communicating with participating Community Members; created marketing plan to promote the event; strategically mapped different routes for each participating team and devised different missions to complete; created mission cards; co-hosted the event; and supported on-the-day operations through running errands for materials required on the day, creation of Instagram stories to update everyone of the event and regularly communicating with all participating teams
    • Produced the following FiliFest TV videos: Lockdown Lessons, Maligayang Pasko (Instagram post)
    • Videos Edited: Maligayang Pasko (Instagram post)
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: FiliFest Community, Tambayan S1 (ep 1), Committee Catch Up With FiliFest Executive Team, Magandang Panig/Good News, FiliFest FilSoc Awards!, Crossover Conversations with FiliFest (Part 1 & 2), THE FILIFEST CHALLENGE (YouTube summary video)
    • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: Buwan Ng Wika 2020
    • Hosted: FiliFest Challenge (Co-Host)

    FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Chief Executive Officer

    • Heads Board of Chiefs, focusing on the growth and development of all Chiefs
    • Supports training of all Committee Members
    • Supports recruitment process of FiliFest 2022
    • Manages and leads Marketing Team, focusing on the growth and development of Marketing Officers and planning out monthly uploads including story takeovers
    • Lead Marketing Officer of Freshers with FiliFest 2021: created a marketing plan to maintain engagement and experimented with Instagram stories and posts
    • Organises all public output of FiliFest
    • Directed/Produced the following videos: What happens during FiliFest Socials (TikTok)
    • Videos edited: What happens during FiliFest Socials (TikTok), Pack Freshers Planner (IG Reels & TikTok)
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Committee Social Vlog
    • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: Questions we get asked about FiliFest Recruitment, Buwan Ng Wika Shorts
    • Hosted: Live FiliFest FilSoc Games Night (Co-host)