Lia Bote

Lead Marketing Designer

    Focus on enhancing existing FiliFest marketing and supervises culture aspect of marketing team.

    FiliFest 2020 (2nd October 2019-1st July 2020) - Marketing Officer

    • Supported FiliFest's Marketing Team through creation of marketing materials for Instagram stories and posts
    • Supported FiliFest Newsletter through written articles
    • Supported Digital FiliFest 2020 through creating graphics such as promotional IG stories and posts for Day 2 Pride makeup
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Tagalog Whisper Challenge with UCL Filipino Society!
    • Created interactive templates for IG stories to increase online engagement during pandemic such as Filipino youths abroad bingo
    • Blog posts written: Covid 19 Ramblings and Reasons to Jump Aboard the Banana Bread Train, Sunny Skies and Staying Active
    • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Christmas Countdown (day 1, 3, 10, 22), FiliFest is postponed, FiliFest is going digital, FiliFest Celebrates Pride (Digital FiliFest 2020)

    FiliFest 2021 (6th July 2020-24th July 2021) - Lead Marketing Officer, Culture Officer

    • Lead marketing officer of culture Instagram infographics
    • Created FiliFest 2021 banner
    • Lead graphic designer - created most FiliFest drawings
    • Offered suggestions on how to update FiliFest banner
    • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Buwan Ng Wika, Cultures Influencing the Filipino Language, Arroz Caldo (Freshers with FiliFest), Traditional Filipino Medicine, The Art of Inabel Weaving, The History of Philippine Mythology, "Bahala Na!", Sounds of the Philippines I & II, Celebrating a Filipino Christmas, New Years Superstitions, Community Partnership Programme promo, Food Aphrodisiacs in the Philippines, Order of the National Artists
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Meet UCL Filipino Society #FilSocTakeover (Freshers with FiliFest 2020)

    FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Lead Marketing Designer

    • Participated in an IG story takeover
    • Instagram posts created: Freshers with FiliFest 2021 schedule
    • Thumbnails created: Committee Social Vlog
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Committee Social Vlog
    • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: What happens during FiliFest Socials

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