Isabella Boyne

Chief Logistics Officer

    Heads all aspects of Logistics Team, with a particular focus on the events throughout FiliFest Year.

    FiliFest 2020 (2nd October 2019-1st July 2020) - Finance Officer

    • Created a budgeting sheet to aid with the planning of FiliFest's potential expenses
    • Spearheaded fundraising efforts for FiliFest 2020; researched potential online fundraising platforms to use and contributed to ideas to aid with bridging Filipino Societies whilst simultaneously raising money for the festival
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Meet the FiliFest Committee 2020!, FiliFest is Fundraising!, Quarantine with FiliFest #StayHome, Check in with FiliFest: Hong Kong, LET'S TALK: Skincare and Beauty (Digital FiliFest)

    FiliFest 2021 (6th July 2020-24th July 2021) - Event Logistics Manager

    • Contributed to Logistics Team through ideas and advice
    • Executed creative event ideas to increase engagement amongst FiliFest Community members
    • Supported Freshers with FiliFest 2020 event by aiding with LIVE WITH FILIFEST: #FreshersWithFiliFest
    • Sourced Filipino brands as panelists for the FiliFest Beauty Panel - communicated with panelists and organised flow of discussion
    • Supported OPM Competition through aiding with the communication with participants and counting votes
    • Lead organiser of the following events: Baybayin Workshop, FiliFest Beauty Panel, MassKara Murder Mystery, Valentine Rom-Com Watch Party, FiliFest FilSoc Awards
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: FiliFest Community, BAYBAYIN WORKSHOP Highlights!, LIVE WITH FILIFEST: #FreshersWithFiliFest, Meet UCL Filipino Society #FilSocTakeover (Freshers with FiliFest 2020), Highlights from #FreshersWithFiliFest!, FiliFest Beauty Panel, MassKara Murder Mystery, Magandang Panig (Good News), FiliFest FilSoc Awards!

    FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Chief Logistics Officer

    • Heads Logistics Team. Focuses on the growth and identifying areas of development for the Logistics Officer, looking after the wellbeing of all Logistics Officers and communicating regularly with the team, conducting quarterly catch-up meetings and conducting mid-year and annual reviews for each Logistics Officer
    • Organised the following events: Freshers with FiliFest 2021 (Lead)
    • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Live FiliFest FilSoc Games Night, Freshers Advice from University Students (YouTube video voiceover)
    • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: What to bring to uni with UCL's FilSoc