Filifest 2022

6-10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Freshers with

Continuing the FiliFest tradition, we brought back an even more global Freshers with FiliFest this year! We collaborated with Filipino student societies from Australia and America to show us what student life is like on the other sides of the pond! Check out their videos below!

Macquarie University Filipino Society | Meet the FilSoc Global Edition 🌎
Rutgers Filipino Society | Meet the FilSoc Global Edition 🌎
Curtin University Filipino Society | Meet the FilSoc Global Edition 🌎

Thank you to all the university societies who participated in Freshers With FiliFest 2021!

  • University College London Filipino Society (UK)
  • Cardiff University Filipino Society (UK)
  • University of Greenwich Filipino Society (UK)
  • Macquarie University’s Filipino Society (Australia)
  • Rutgers Association of Philippine Students (USA)
  • Curtin Filipino Students’ Society (Australia)
  • University East Anglia Filipino Society (UK)
  • University of Surrey Filipino Society (UK)
  • De Montfort University Filipino Society (UK)
  • Imperial College London Filipino Society (UK)
  • University of Cambridge Filipino Society (UK)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University Filipino Society (UK)
  • Queen Mary University Filipino Society (UK)
  • Leeds University Filipino Society (UK)
  • University Kent Canterbury Filipino Society (UK)
  • Edinburgh University Filipino Society (UK)


OPM Competition

We all know how loved FiliFest’s OPM Competition is, so we brought it back another year! Working again with TFC is always a delight and we love meeting all of you at the live-streaming app, Kumu!

This year we decided to experiment with creating music videos for our top 2 OPM Competition artists. Reminisce with us with Maria’s winning music video on her cover of Salamat!

Congrats again to our Top 8!

  • Alexis (@ragefilledasian)
  • Edrian Pangilinan (@edrianpenguino)
  • Maria Maxene Marcos Gerella (@glamria)
  • Ed Escaño (@kuya3d)
  • Melody Grace (@melodygrace1809)
  • Tim Ebio (@timothyebio)
  • Red Tan (@redtanofficial)
  • Sherwin Panganiban (

3 APRIL 2022

FiliFest FilSoc Awards

The FiliFest Awards has always been FiliFest’s way of acknowledging and congratulating all the great societies and individuals in our FiliFest Community. We are happy to celebrate this again with all of you and to this time round bring our FiliFest Awards event onto Instagram! This year we were joined by host Chesca and special guest G Bali!

Congrats again to our winners:

  • Best FilSoc President - Angelina of @warwick.filsoc (@inaangelo )
  • Best FilSoc Event - Valentine’s Ball by @ku.filisoc @sgulfilisoc @qmulfilisoc @filsocuh @kclfilipinosociety @brunelfilisoc
  • People’s Choice Popular FilSoc - @warwick.filsoc
  • People’s Choice Popular FilSoc - @warwick.filsoc
  • Best Performer of the Year - @glamria
  • FiliFest Community Choice Award - @ragefilledasian

And another special thanks to our sponsors:, @k_a_p_i_h_a_n, @sarap_london, @rapsalondon, @kasaandkin



After two long years of a halt due to the pandemic, FiliFest is pleased to announce the return of our flagship culture festival - organised by youths for youths! We’re happy to bring back more food stalls, more of your talents, more games, as well as our first mini catwalk show and exhibition partnership with Our Place Is Here!

Special thanks to our performers:

And to our hosts:

And a huge thanks to our sponsors this year:

Testimonials from our sponsors of FiliFest 2022:

  • Pinoy Eats:

    “The festival was a great success. This was our first Filifest and it was definitely one to remember. Everyone from the committee to the volunteers were extremely nice and made the whole day even better for everyone. We'll be sure to be back in the future!”

  • Rapsa:

    “A great vibe from start to finish. Lovely, fantastic performers and excellently organised.”

  • Boba Garden:

    “Thank you for having us as a vendor for FiliFest! The team and volunteers were super helpful and so accommodating. From the performances to the other food vendors, it was overall a great day and a memorable experience for our team!”