Filifest 2019


FiliFest 2019

FiliFest is the first student-organised culture festival to celebrate the Philippines. It is a collaborative effort which brings together students from across the UK, particularly those from Filipino societies from various UK universities.

Though a student-run initiative, this is an inviting and inclusive event open to all. The event aims to highlight the best of the Philippines - our food, talent, art and games.


Competition Winner

Congratulations to our annual design winner Anna Marie Cabanlig & Roxanne Gonzales! The design is based on one of the Philippines’ famous delicacy – the Halo Halo. This is a great visual description of what FiliFest is - a place for people to mix!



For FiliFest 2019 we worked with 24 UK universities and 14 local & international Filipino businesses.

Food vendors: Kapé & Pan, Oh My Gulay!, Turo Turo, Lakwatsa, Jollibee, ASCO Foods

Raffle Sponsors: Philippine Airlines, Romulo Café, The Adobros, Manila Kitchen, Lutong Pinoy

Other Sponsors: TFC, Lunes, Spoon & Rice

Special thanks to the Philippine Embassy (UK & Ireland) for helping us promote culture and tourism.

Event Credits

Our debut festival is FiliFest’s first defining event. Held at London’s global university (UCL) on June 1st, 2019, this was the first ever large-scale celebration of the Philippines to be organised by university students. From our cuisine and young talents, to our art and games, this was our way of writing history.

FiliFest was largely organised by 8 core members, who were all students from UCL and Brunel University. The event is estimated to have attracted 1500 visitors throughout the day, with visitors largely between ages of 14-29 (though the festival did welcome people of all ages and background).

Special thanks to the core team who made FiliFest happen:

  • Lead Organiser: Rica Go
  • Marketing & Promotional Materials: Nova Magkidong, Heather Reyes Smith, Jessica NR Manuel, Rica Go
  • Decorations: Jessica NR Manuel, Heather Reyes Smith, Nova Magkidong
  • Sponsors Sourcing & Negotiations and Contracts: Jessica NR Manuel, Rica Go, Precious Gestopa, Heather Reyes Smith
  • Volunteers Logistics: Somaiya Afzal, Rica Go
  • Hosts Recruitment & Organisation: Heather Reyes Smith, Precious Gestopa, Rica Go
  • Event Programme: Heather Reyes Smith, Rica Go, TG
  • Event Logistics: Rica Go, Precious Gestopa, Christian Liu, TG
  • Financing & Budgeting: Rica Go, Christian Liu
  • Admin & Communication: Precious Gestopa, Rica Go