Christian Liu

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for the overarching technology structure of FiliFest. I am the main designer and developer of the FiliFest Website - implementing web solutions requested by the different teams in the organisation.

I lead the Tech Team to ensure such requirements are researched and met, overall enhancing FiliFest's projects in the digital sector.

FiliFest 2019 (30th January 2019-1st August 2019) - Executive Assistant

  • Supported in the financing of FiliFest 2019
  • Facilitated all event activities by organising room bookings and assisting in all operations before and during day of the event
  • Contributed ideas for the creation of FiliFest 2019
  • Participated in promotional Instagram stories for FiliFest 2019
  • Aided in the Games Room operations of FiliFest 2019

FiliFest 2020 (2nd October 2019-1st July 2020) - Chief Technology Officer

  • Created a design to convey the brand and message of FiliFest
  • Used Python web frameworks and JavaScript to implement main functionalities
  • General server maintenance and bug fixing

FiliFest 2021 (6th July 2020-24th July 2021) - Chief Technology Officer

  • Heads Tech Team
  • Refurbished FiliFest website to align with new brand guidelines
  • Communicated with Marketing Team for assistance with incorporating elements from FiliFest 2021 banner onto the website
  • Developed a back-end system with user publishable content for areas of the site (such as the Blog, Team Introduction and News sections), and a database build for the scalability of future projects
  • General server maintenance and bug fixing
  • Updated website to accommodate with and facilitate in other digital FiliFest events such as FiliFest FilSoc Awards

FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Chief Technology Officer

  • Heads Tech Team. Focuses on the growth and identifying areas of development for members in the Tech Team, looking after the wellbeing of all Tech Team members and communicating regularly with the team, conducting quarterly catch-up meetings and conducting mid-year and annual reviews for each member in the Tech Team
  • Upgraded internal system of FiliFest website for more efficient outputs
  • Revised FiliFest website design for a cleaner look to match Marketing's simpler and elevated theme for this year



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