28th March 2020 | General

Tips For Studying And Working From Home

With the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, many of us (who are fortunate enough) are taking classes remotely or working from home, in hopes of flattening the curve. Here are some tips and tricks to succeed with home productivity:

1. Reduce morning screen time

We hear you - this is one of the most difficult things to accomplish especially if you are a digital native, but why not make it a challenge? Although it is important to keep up-to-date on the current COVID-19 situation, make sure you allot only a specific time to check the news and live updates within the day. Scheduling a time to go through social media and other news websites can lessen the possibility of stress and anxiety!

2. Create a morning ritual

Morning rituals may vary but once you get out of bed, start with a morning ritual like exercising or yoga, or do a five-minute meditation. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can always prepare yourself some tasty coffee or tea – oh and don’t forget to match it with your go-to traditional Filipino breakfast, yum!

3. Get dressed

I know, I know. Why do I still have to dress up even whilst I’m just studying or working from home? Getting dressed can actually set you up for a day of productivity. And if you are the type of person who enjoys makeup or prep-time, no one is stopping you.

4. Pick a designated workspace at home

Spaces affect your mentality. As much as possible, keep away from your own mess and other household distractions. Being able to pick your own designated workspace at home can make it seem like you are ‘stepping into your office’. Remember, a clean space is equivalent to a clean mind, so don’t forget to organise folders in your digital workspace too!

5. Make To-Do-Lists

Just like any other day in the office or in university, always make To-Do-lists, whether it’s a big or a small task to do. So, go and invest in bullet journals or planners. Don’t forget to go through your To-Do-lists at the end of the day to see what you have accomplished and what you have yet to achieve the following day.

6. Take a break

It is important to avoid distractions whilst studying or working from home. Create rules for yourself whilst in your workspace, but remember, it’s okay to take a short break. Do something more physical, like doing a little bit of chores or preparing yourself a snack.

7. Make plans to look forward to

Perhaps you have had a productive day, there is never anything wrong with making plans to look forward to – cook yourself some delicious dinner or play some video games. Make time to reconnect with creativity by finding new hobbies yet to be discovered. Always find time to FaceTime with family members and friends especially in this time of uncertainty. Remember, social distancing does not mean disconnecting emotionally.

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