2nd August 2020 | Community

Introducing your Filsoc: University of Reading

By UoR Filipino Society

We’re committed to providing a welcoming space where anyone can have a good time, take their mind off of their stresses and at the same time educate them on our rich culture. While we may not be the biggest society, we think that just allows for closer connections between members and gives a feeling of family, somewhere they can be themselves and be comfortable just hanging out.

Uni of Reading 1

In the past we’ve hosted and collaborated with other societies, both other Filipino societies and Asian societies within our Uni itself to bring exciting events such as Halloween Night, an Acoustic Night and sports events to our members too, and we want to continue to do so (should Rona allow) to help create a bigger and better community of Filipino Societies, near and far, and in doing so making more moments we’ll cherish, and bettering the experience of those that come after us!

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